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Not miss vs. Miss, part 2

July 18, 2010

Not miss – the horrors that come with the cheap/kitsch/trash factor of Coney Island, i.e. vicious girl fight on the beach, complete with one fighter carried/dragged away by alleged boyfriend with a clump of the other girl’s hair in her hand.  Yuck!

Miss – firefly sightings on a regular basis


Not miss vs. Miss

July 7, 2010

I’m starting a few post themes.  The first of which, starting with this, will be something I will not miss about NYC, countered (for balance and fairness sake – though not necessarily related to the thing I’ll not miss, as will be noted below) by something I will miss.  For the other theme, I’ll think from the MN perspective about things I’m looking forward to, and things I’m kinda dreading (read: winters).

For today, it’s about NYC:

Not miss: 2-inch “water bugs” (aka cockroaches) climbing on my bathroom wall.  Thankfully, my roommate had some roach poison to spray on it while I kept the dog free from harm’s way.  Notice the role reversal there, of me being the discoverer of the roach and non-dog owner, yet not having to kill the thing myself while protecting my roommate’s dog.  I have a way of getting out of scary things.

Miss: High quality, free or very cheap comedy shows.  I thought of this one a few times over the course of the past few weeks when I’ve seen some really great shows.  One was at Prospect Park with Jeneane Garafalo, Jim Gaffigan, and my personal fave, Kumail Nanjiani, all for $3.  Another was a free show in Union Square, and then, of course, the monthly show I regularly attend at Le Poisson Rouge, John and Molly Get Along.  I think cheap comedy shows just about anywhere other than NYC have a very high chance of sucking and making the audience feel uncomfortable.

That’s all for now.