Leaving 2011 up to Free Will Astrology, and some goal-setting

This was my horoscope for the week of Dec. 30, 2010 from Free Will Astrology:

Decades ago, the U.S. built a network of sleek expressways to make it fast and easy for cars to travel between cities. But like many of America’s impressive engineering feats, this one took little account of what the human soul might enjoy. Ugly buildings or empty spaces surround many of those roads. Visually, the difference between I-95 in Georgia and I-74 in Illinois is negligible. “The Interstate highway system has made it possible,” said Charles Kuralt, “to go from sea to shining sea without seeing anything.” You cannot afford to let this be your operative metaphor in 2011, Cancerian. Your potential for rapid, extensive progress is sizable, but it would be a mistake to barrel along with your eyes fixed on the prize in the distance as you neglect what’s happening along the way. Be both global and local; romance the details as you revel in the big picture.

This actually does speak to me because I’m working on a few major endeavors that have the chance of making me so goal-oriented that I get blinded by the prize and miss the journey and exit ramps that lead to important and exciting adventures – namely my quest for a master’s degree and career in community development, and my quest for a husband (yes, I said it).

So I shall resolve to keep an open mind and explore my options.  I will revel in my journey and the big picture of what all this means – that I’m living my life in the here and now.

And what may come in 2011?  I’ll set some goals, of course, but let’s first take a look at 2010 goals to see how that generally pans out:

  • Move back to MN – CHECK!
  • Start grad school – CHECK!
  • Take an epic trip to either Sweden & Norway for a mother-land roots journey, or India to involve a service project of some sort – NOPE!  SAVE FOR A FUTURE DAY
  • More yoga! – CHECK! (although not enough)
  • More Minneapple in the Big Apple and MN Culture Club; then something else related when I move to MN – CHECK on NYC, but still not figured out in MN
  • Foster my senses of home, community and friendship – this is sort of “out there” but I mean it! – CHECK, I think…
  • Music in some way, including ukulele and singing – inspiration needed here – CHECK, at least with Grace and our uke jams but I need more music in my life in MN

Goals for this year:

  • Explore and build my life in MN
  • Travel to NYC, Seattle and Spain, at the least
  • Get a paid summer internship in the field of Community & Economic Development
  • Get involved in the community in some or multiple ways
  • Make time for things not school-related, including friends, dating, yoga, crafting, music, cooking
  • Do well in school
  • Maintain my friendships with the folks who live far away
  • Foster new and long-standing relationships here in MN

That’s the generic list for now.  I like the reminder of that horoscope for the first week of 2011 – keeping an open mind and heart even though my path could be straight and narrow.


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