Happy New Year 2011

2010 was fairly monumental, given that I quit my job, moved away from NYC, started grad school, and relocated to my home-town after 10 years away.  I had an inkling and made strong efforts to move back here for over a year of my life in NYC, and it came together slowly but surely.  The job search failed, and so I applied to grad school.  But I didn’t get any aid, so I thought my plan was ruined.

But the ever-spiritual Hopi, my work-wife, was instrumental in pushing me to just take the plunge before I knew I would have a graduate assistantship with tuition benefits, making this all possible.  She supported me to take the risk even though it seemed financially imprudent.  And a familiar voice was her tool of persuasion – Free Will Astrology.  I can’t even guess as to what week this was from, but it summed it up:

First the negatives: Don’t be a martyr to what you’ve won.  Don’t let your success oppress you.  Don’t become a slave to the useful role you’ve earned.  Now let’s try a more positive way to frame the challenges ahead of you: Keep questioning whether the fruits of your victories are still enjoyable and fulfilling to you.  Make sure the triumphs of the past don’t get in the way of the potential triumphs over the future.  Find out how your success may need to evolve.  Push beyond what’s good and head in the direction of what’s great.

And that, my friends, is how I make major life decisions!  I just leave it to Rob Brezsny and Hopi.  And here I am, hoping that I’m heading in the direction of what’s great.

Of course, who can forget all I left behind by leaving my exciting and fulfilling life in NYC.  This video somehow captures my nostalgia about NYC for me during this period of reflecting on the past year and looking to the future:

*Side note about the video: It is made up of 35,000 tilt shift photos.  I came across it on weburbanist.com while looking at a post about models of cities, including the wonderful Queens Museum model of NYC.


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