Winter break plans – dating edition

I’m not sure if it’s my own increase in energy surrounding my upcoming free time (i.e. winter break!), or all the crazy snowstorms that have been keeping everyone stuck inside, but my okcupid profile is finally getting some traffic and I’ve been getting promising messages from some potential cuties. In fact, I may have 3 dates lined up for this week – 3 nights in a row, no less!

One huge help is that my last final is tomorrow morning (hence the motivation to post here – read: procrastination).  So I’ve been scouring the blogs and weeklies I read, as well as checking my facebook events, for some happening events to make up for lost free time from the last 4 months of school.  And it just so happens that several old friends have shows this week.  When it rains it pours, and it makes for good entertainment to roll with musicians.  A few of these events are perfect things to invite new prospects to, so we’ll see if all goes as planned.

I’m really optimistic about 3 dates 3 nights in a row.  I think it’ll help me compare and contrast, if you will (not to sound crass).  It’s just that it can be difficult to assess chemistry with a total stranger.  Maybe this way I can just decide that I click more with some than others, or even that it’s just nice to have some decent and interesting guys to go to things with who may or may not turn into romantic partners.  I make this slow pace of romance very clear on the first date, which I’m sure makes me oh-so-attractive to them.  It goes something like this:

me: I find internet dating so interesting – meeting up with a total stranger with whom you have no context (like a mutual friend or common experience)

him: Yeah, it is pretty odd

me: Totally, and it’s just so difficult to know how you feel about someone from the first meeting.

him: sure, I suppose that’s true

me: That’s why I like to take it slow and just get to know the person for awhile, kinda like making a new friend

him: oh.  sure, I guess that makes sense.  Good to know.

I figure if he’s really interested, he’ll go along for the ride for a bit at least.  Seeing as I only went on more than one date with exactly one guy in NYC, I don’t think this strategy worked well there.  But in MN, guys are gentlemen (for the most part), and so I think I’ll give it a shot.  It can’t hurt to be honest, right?

So we’ll see how these dates go.  One is a second date, and the other two are firsts.  Wish me luck!


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