NE Mpls’ cutest block

Last weekend, I didn’t have time for a full-blown neighborhood exploration, but I did get to explore one street in particular, inspired by my friend’s apartment location.  I reconnected with Shane, a guy I hung out with about 11 years ago (whoa!) and who moved to Seattle around the same time I did.  We lost touch when he moved back to Mpls about a year later, but we were both eager to see each other and catch up on old times last Saturday.  I picked him up and brought him to a housewarming party of one of my fellow Minneapple in the Big Apple returners.

His apartment is right above the storefront of a vintage store and craft shop I’d heard a lot about, so I was eager to check it out.  It’s in Northeast Minneapolis, which is an area that’s fast becoming the hippest place in town, or maybe where hipsters go to die (like Ballard!) because it’s very residential but peppered with the newest and hippest, while affordable and accessible, restaurants and shops.  Corin and I took a driving tour of it when she was in town and got a major Portland vibe.  The housing stock is older and smaller, as it was the working class neighborhood for factory and mill workers back in the 10s to 40s, when it developed.  There are blocks and blocks of houses, then little main intersections here and there where you find cafes and shops.  Shane’s block is particularly happening, and is home to the aforementioned vintage and craft shops, as well as a bustling coffee shop, pizza place, gift shop, and another restaurant that’s soon to reopen.

Since it was 9pm on a Saturday when I picked him up, I decided to return the next day to take a closer look.

Rewind Vintage is a great little shop with a good array of clothes, jewelry and accessories.  No big scores this visit, but I’ll definitely be back.

Crafty Planet is a most fabulous little craft store, and is probably the only one of its kind in town.  They have a lot of Amy Butler fabrics and patterns, as well as amazing prints on heavier fabrics, bright oilcloths, great yarns, and tons of inspiration.

There’s also a vibrant but tiny coffee shop, called The Coffee Shop, Dabble gift shop, and Amici Pizza & Bistro, which I hear is inviting and yummy.  There’s also an amazing old movie theater called The Hollywood, which has sadly been closed for over 20 years.  In my meeting with the Mpls Planning and Economic Development director yesterday, she mentioned the efforts to grow this into something amazing, and it reaffirmed my excitement about grad school and the idea of being involved in projects like that through my schooling.

I updated my map with this little bit of detail so I can track all my favorite places in the city.  Maybe I’ll stop spending all my money at Target if I can find local and much cuter and unique places to go!


3 Responses to “NE Mpls’ cutest block”

  1. RF Modulator : Says:

    when i go to a gift shop, i always look for cute little stuffed animals and other cute stuffs~’-

  2. corin Says:

    Was this the block that had the cute looking furniture store on the corner??

    • minneappleinthebigapple Says:

      I don’t think we drove down this street, but we did see another cute street that I like in the nabe, which is a few blocks away from where I wrote about.

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