A walk and a coffeeshop

I studied for hours yesterday and needed a break in the middle of the day, so I grabbed one of my books and got in the car to explore a potential neighborhood for future living.  I parked the car across from one of the hip coffeeshops in Uptown, Mpls (which is like Capital Hill in Seattle). 

First, I took a walk to clear my head and check out the vibe of the residential streets.  I crossed Lyndale and Hennepin, which are both main drags in the neighborhood.  As I walked west, I approached one of the amazing Mpls lakes, Lake of the Isles, and the large houses with big yards reflected the proximity to the water.  The main drags were the most bustling, and I found that most apartment buildings were within 2 blocks of these streets, which would make for a nice get up and go feel if I lived there. 

I circled back to the coffeeshop where I sat at a big bar and had an iced tea (it was 85 degrees out!) while reading my policy analysis book.  Music was great, I liked the art, and there was good people-watching. 

I liked this neighborhood, but found that in between the main streets, things get a little quiet and residential for my taste.  I think I’d prefer to live within 2 blocks of a main street to be close to the action.  Here’s a map of the area.
View A walk and a coffeeshop in a larger map

Next weekend, I’ll explore another place, and I can start getting a sense for the feel of the city while I’m stuck in St. Paul for a bit.  My hope is that I find ways to get away from St. Paul on the weekends while studying, keeping myself sane while I stay with the parents, and getting a feel for my top-choice neighborhood for when I can get my own place.  Fun!  I love exploring!

Track my progress here.


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