A week in, and gearing up for school

I’m sort of kind of starting to get settled in.  I have 1 and a half boxes left to unpack, and my list of things to get done before school starts is shrinking.  I’m getting less out-of-sorts by the day, as things become more settled.  There’s no routine yet by any means, since school starts next Tuesday, but at least I’m feeling prepared.  Books bought, car in the works (fingers crossed), faculty advisor and RA faculty member met, some networking done, many classmates introduced.  I feel like it’s the right place for me, most definitely.  We’ll see if I still think that when I have 4 papers due and 200 pages of reading every night.

I have been very low-key lately, just attending to school meetings and prep.  It’ll be fun to start getting social.  There’s plenty going on, as the local social media gossip blog, LOL/OMG, tells me.  Plus, Lady Gaga apparently likes the same places as me, as she showed up at my favorite bar last night after her show.  Wow!

As far as observations go, here are a few:

– I have not been walking AT ALL!  This is not good.  Today, I ditched the offer of free rides from my mom and got myself to campus, and it involved quite a bit of walking.  Yay for walking!

– Being on campus mostly feels like a new experience, compared to my undergrad years, because I’m in a building I didn’t spend much time in, and they’ve built and renovated quite a few buildings since I was there.  However, upon seeing an unchanged stairway that I used to take regularly, I almost broke out into a panic as if I was reliving my past.

– My student ID and email address is exactly the same as it was 15 years ago.  Yes, I started college in 1995.  If I still had my student ID card, they would let me use it.  Thankfully, they let me get a new one for free since it’s more than 5 years old.  I fear what the photo looked like on that one, taken when I was a wee pup of 18 years old.

– Everything takes less time here than in NYC.  Today, I accomplished a ridiculous amount of tasks on campus in about 3 hours, and that included all 3 areas of campus – the St. Paul campus, the East Bank, and the West Bank (that’s it’s real name).  The time spent waiting in lines alone is a drastic change.

– I am a TV addict when it is readily available.  This will have to change once school starts.

– I’m going to see a 1400 lb pig on Friday at the MN State Fair.

More later.  I need to resume my “Not miss vs. Miss” theme regarding NYC soon.


2 Responses to “A week in, and gearing up for school”

  1. corin Says:

    oooooooh, I love the idea of accomplishing so many things in such a short amount of time. jealous jealous jealous.

  2. powkang Says:

    and i’m jealous of the 1400 lb pig!

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