New York City Bucket List

Well, I’ve been crossing things off my NYC bucket list left and right, as can be seen on my various photo diaries (“My last month in NYC” and “8:36pm“).  The bucket list, formerly known as “To do before leaving,” is a list of ideas, places, events, etc, that I’ve been keeping on my iPhone, things I must check out before I move away.

I have been stupidly deleting items from the list as I do them.  I track them indirectly on the photo diaries and in my calendar, but I feel silly for not keeping a comprehensive list.  And so now I will attempt to recreate the list, and cross things off that I have done.  Check back to this post for edits of items completed.  Here goes:

Bronx Zoo
Queens Thai restaurant (SriPraPhai w/ Bryan & Chris on 8/10)
Queens Museum of Art (BeNoraMa w/ Ben & Marci on 7/31)
Cooper Hewitt Design Museum (w/ Vicky on 8/1)
Arthur Ave/Grand Concourse
Difara Pizza (w/ Ezra on 8/5)
Lots of bike rides (this will never be complete, but I have had some good rides lately)
Jamaica Nature Reserve
Carnegie Hall
Museum of the City of NY
ICP (Int’l Ctr of Photography)
Steinway Hall on West 57th St
Moto (w/ Ezra on 8/6)
The Moth
Liberty Island/Ellis Island
BK Historical Society
Dia Beacon
City Island
Night out in Greenpoint for old time’s sake (w/ Julie, Corin and Dave on 7/30)
Governor’s Island (w/ Andrea and Eric on 8/7)
Roberta’s (w/ Sarah on 6/24)
Roberta’s with Julie
SI Yankees vs. BK Cyclones at SI (w/ Marci, Ben, Corin, Dave, Julie, Alice, Vivi & friend, Cari & friend on 7/2)
Brighton Beach and Russian Food (w/ Marci, Ben, Alice & Grace on 7/5)

Most of the things I haven’t done yet are either far away or are museums, which are all basically relegated to weekend days, which have already been pretty jam-packed, often with museum trips.  Maybe I can squeeze a few more exciting adventures out of the next few weekends. I’ll be keeping you posted…


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