Due to cajoling by Corin, I decided to join the masses who are photo-blogging about their lives with the project called 8:36pm.  The mission of the project is to take a photo at 8:36pm every day in order to document your life, and to challenge yourself to take what could be mundane photos in a creative way (at least I think that’s the point).  It’s another one of Buster Benson’s creations, who also started 750words.com (which lasted for about 4 days for me – whoops!).

I’ve managed to post 6 days in a row, and I’m keeping the photos in a set on my flickr account here.   So far, I’m really enjoying it, as I love to keep a record of what I do every day anyway, and the photo idea is a good way to think creatively on the spot at least once a day.  Fun!  Here’s my photo from tonight, which was taken right after I heard the alarm I have set on my phone (only problem is, I didn’t hear the alarm until 9:38 when I was leaving work… still counts, right?).

View of 6th Ave, Bryant Park, the summer stage/movie screen, and the library


2 Responses to “8:36pm”

  1. LisaV Says:

    Remember when we went in that Mac store on that night, swooning over the just-released miracle mystery that is… the iPhone? Then we proceeded on our Ghostbuster stroll.

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