Old Me, Now Me

I came across an amazing website, via the l’etoile magazine blog, my favorite blog to keep up with MN news for my Minneapple project.  The site is called “Old Me / Now Me” by Zefrank.com.  Many contributors have rifled through their old family photos, then recreated them as they are today.  It is hilarious, heart-warming, touching, nostalgic and frightening all at once.  I wasted at least 15 minutes of precious work time with colleagues maniacally scrolling through the photos.  Some recreate their photos incredibly well, down to clothing choices and facial expressions.  Be prepared for some sadness, too, when some members of the original photo are not present in today’s version.  I love seeing how much people change and stay the same, equally, over the years.  Hope you like it as much as I do!

Click HERE to check it out.  And here’s a fave of mine:


One Response to “Old Me, Now Me”

  1. corin Says:

    this is really great!

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