My new favorite thing

Alice told me about a website called 750 words today, and it could be the death of this blog.

Basically, is a place to free write.  The website offers a private journal where the user is to write at least 750 words, every day.  That’s the goal at least.  It’s based on a book and process called “The Artist’s Way” which helps people tap into their creativity.  A major part of The Artist’s Way is “morning pages” where you write 3 pages every morning.  The creator of (Buster Benson, a friend of many of my friends) has equated this to about 750 words. The idea is that free writing helps get out the crap and distractions that are blocking your creativity

The website gives statistics about each entry – such as how many words per minute, how many words typed each minute to track distractions, and even mood and topic area based on your word choices.  Very impressive!  I think this could be my favorite feature of it.

I tried it tonight (I know it’s not morning, but I was curious), and so far, I think I could get addicted.  This blog was supposed to fulfill that “get out my other ideas” purpose, but I’ve been so bad about it.  Maybe is truly what I need more than this blog, or maybe it’ll free up mind space to devote to this.   Or maybe I’ll write on 750words a few times and never do it again.  Anything is possible.

p.s. I think my 3 cups of coffee, the last of which I drank around 3pm, could be contributing to my late-night writing.  Or maybe it’s my anxiety…



3 Responses to “My new favorite thing”

  1. powkang Says:

    i love it too. i skipped over the weekend, but everyday has been substantially better since i started mid-week last week. braindumps are so cathartic.

  2. minneappleinthebigapple Says:

    I tried it last night and learned the hard way why the morning pages are supposed to be done in the morning – the process totally got my mind racing with all sorts of thoughts and ideas, and I couldn’t sleep! I thought it would help get out some anxiety I was having, but it had an unintended effect… I’ll try tomorrow morning.

  3. corin Says:

    hrmmmm. I feel like all I would do is complain in my writing, diary-style. But maybe it would allow me to actually get better at the dreaded writing? hrmmmm, indeed.

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